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Below are the main ballet competitions for both student and professional dancers. Basic information and some personal insight into each competition is provided. Please bare with us as we continue to update this page with new information on competitions.

American Ballet Competition

Application Process- Please check website for postings for 2011

Next competition June 2 - 5 2011 in Austin, TX

The American Ballet Competition began in 2004 and is open to dancers ages 10-20. This competition provides the unique opportunity for each competitor to receive coaching while at the competition and part of their score is based on their coaching session. The repertoire is limited and changes each year. Students are supplied with recorded music by the competition with which they may prepare once they have selected the variation they will do. Students compete for scholarships, cash awards, and company trainee-ships.

The American Dance Competition

This competition was founded 6 years ago and takes place in Orlando, Florida.  Students ranging in age from 7-21 with no previous professional experience may participate.  Categories range from ballet to contemporary and lyrical and students may compete in all groups as soloists, pas de deux and ensembles participants.  A defining part of this competition is that all soloists must first compete in a preliminary round where they are judged in class and also on one classical and one contemporary solos set on them at the competition.

Boston International Ballet Competition

Next competition May 12 - 16, 2011 in Boston, MA


Created by Valentina Kozlova, former Principal dancer with both Bolshoi Ballet and New York City Ballet, the Competitions will provide invaluable opportunities to draw attention to special dancers, to allow company directors to see dancers in stage performances rather than in class or at auditions, and to help young dancers further their careers.


Boston International Ballet Competition (BIBC) will consist of three divisions:

Student Division, ages 13 and 14;

Junior Division, ages 15 to 18;

Senior Division, ages 19 to 25.

The three rounds will be held May 12, 13 and 15th, with the Gala and Awards Ceremony on Monday May 16th (no event on May 14th).

The panel of six judges, presided over by Mikko Nissinen, Artistic Director of the Boston Ballet, will include Violette Verdy (France), Andris Liepa (Russia), Hae Shik Kim (South Korea), Septime Webre (USA), and Maria Luisa Noronha (Brazil). Choreographers Margo Sappington and Edwaard Liang will each create a contemporary piece, which is a compulsory dance requirement for competitors.

DEADLINE for submission of applications is February 1st. To download an application, and for further information, please visit



International Ballet Competition

Application Process- Application, video, and Recommendation Acceptance

Locations- Jackson, MS- United States, Varna, Bulgaria, Helsinki, Finland, Tokyo, Japan, Moscow, Russia

This competition is the oldest ballet competition and possibly the most prestigious. It began in Varna and is held there every two years and the other locations every four years. Student and professional dancers from ages 15-26 may compete but must apply for acceptance into the competition. There is also a qualifying round for those dancers who may not qualify solely on their resume. The competition consists of three rounds with eliminations after each round. Dancers must compete in classical and contemporary works and can compete as soloists or as couples. Prize money and medals are awarded.

This competition is the most difficult in which to qualify, but once a dancer is accepted to compete, his/ her lodging and food are provided by the competition the entire duration, even if the competitor is eliminated. Because this is the oldest competition, it is most widely attended by dancers and ballet professionals alike, giving the competitors much exposure.

New York International Ballet Competition

Application Process- Application, Video, and Recommendation Acceptance

Location- New York City, NY- United States

New York International Ballet Competition, Inc. provides dance education and employment opportunities for young dancers ages 17 to 24. The competition is held every two years at Lincoln Center. This competition is, like the American Ballet Competition, provides coaching to the competitors. The competitors do not know the repertoire until they arrive at the competition. All competitors compete with a partner and learn two classical and one contemporary pas de deux upon their arrival, in addition to taking master classes. After three weeks of class and rehearsal, the competition culminates in a performance where the competitors are judged and awarded medals and cash prizes. Only 48 dancers are selected to compete from preliminary applications. Once accepted into the competition, each competitor's room and board is paid for by NYIBC for the duration of the competition.

Prix de Lausanne

Application Process- Application, Video, and Recommendation Acceptance

Location- Lausanne, Switzerland

Founded in 1973 in Switzerland, this is the earliest and one of the most prestigious student ballet competitions. It awards scholarships and apprenticeships for top companies around the world to young dancers. Entrance into the competition is by DVD submission. Upon acceptance, dancers must attend four days of class and rehearsals and coaching sessions to go on to the finals. Once in finals, dancers perform a classical and a contemporary variation. They will be coached by renowned dance professionals in their preparation.

A unique service offered by this competition is that any eliminated competitor may meet with competition staff to better understand their elimination and to receive advice on further dance opportunities.

World Ballet Competition

Application Process- Application, Video acceptance

Location- Orlando, Florida

Beginning its third year, the World Ballet Competition offers competition opportunities to dancers ages 10-22. The first three levels are for students, the last level for professional dancers. Video auditions are advantageous as only the highest level of dancers actually get to the competition, creating a very high quality for the entire competition. Dancers may compete as soloists and also in pas de deux and ensemble. Choreography may also be entered for judging. Prize money, medals, and scholarships are awarded.

This competition's unique scoring system allows for a very fair playing field as the judges know each entry only by a number and dancers are scored immediately after their performance. Also, having only to travel to the final location is helpful in managing the many expenses involved in competing.

Youth America Grand Prix

Application Process- Regional competitions in the US and abroad, finals in New York City

Location- as stated above- national and international regional competitions, finals in New York City, NY

This competition began in 1999 with regional competitions in numerous cities in the United States and in several countries, including Brazil, Japan, and Mexico, with finals in New York City. This competition offers scholarships to the most prestigious schools in the world and contracts to major companies, including a contract to the ABT studio company. Judges are well-known and accomplished artists in the dance world, and the judges often also teach in the accompanying workshops. The competitors can range in age from 9-19 and are required to perform classical and contemporary works depending on their category. Dancers may compete as soloists, in pas de deux, and in ensembles. Scholarships and company contracts are awarded.

This competition is an excellent introduction to the world of ballet competitions and because of its history and noted panel of judges and teachers, it provides much exposure for the young dancer.

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